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Dubreq Stylophone Review

2014-01-08 18:09:13 by AlxEllis

Today I recieved my Dubreq Stylophone in the mail from Amazon!

I am very pleased with this excellent little instrument, and also the fact I got two of them for £20 on Amazon including free delivery with Super Saver, so I purchased one for myself and another for my father, who had used the original version many years ago and enjoyed it.

Don't be put off by the low price toy and the fact that some classify it as a "toy" it is a great toy for a child, without a doubt, however it can also be used very efficiently as a professional musical instrument as I will demonstrate in the video, if you are new to the music scene and don't want to spend £300+ on a decent keyboard to practice with? This is an excellent little instrument for practicing with!

Overall, this is a fantastic piece of hardware, absolute bargain price. If you do buy it and decide it's not for you, you won't be out of pocket by much, but if you do decide it's for you? Well you are in for a lot of fun with this quirky little device. It's just brilliant!

Fragrances with Lex Ellis - 50th Video Special - Eau Sauvage Parfum by Dior (2012)

I have finally reached the 50th video milestone! and as a special thanks to all of my viewers and everyone in the fragrance community who has made it an awesome community to be part of. Well this video special is for YOU!

I hope you guys enjoy the video, especially the montage at the end! It's my special thanks to you guys! who made all this possible!

It's been a fast 6 months, I can still remember when I was doing my first video on Paco Rabanne Pour Homme nervous as a brick!

Keep on smellin' fly guys!


My first game video!

2013-06-28 18:56:50 by AlxEllis

Along with my "Fragrances with Lex Ellis" series I have started a new series called "Games with Lex Ellis"

This is my first video where I discuss the 1996 classic Resident Evil!

This series will be all about games mostly classics from the 90s such as Time Crisis, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and many more! I will also be talking about how these games affected me, how I thought about them when I first played them and how I think of them playing them now.

All in all I hope you all enjoy the videos I'll be adding! and if you want more don't forget to subscribe!. Cya!

My first fragrance video!

2013-06-25 14:30:55 by AlxEllis

I have decided that to accompany the posts on this blog, I have started a youtube video series called "Fragrances With Lex Ellis" this is my first video where I discuss the 70s classic - Paco Rabanne Pour Homme!

Sadly my microphone is built-in to my cheap £15 webcam! so the quality is not perfect however to make up for it I decided to wear a suit, because we all want to look our best on TV!
Please do give me feedback on this video! if it's terrible and you feel like hunting me down and punching me multiple times in the face! say so!. If you thought it was good and detailed and gave you a chuckle and is the greatest thing you have ever seen in your entire life and deserves an Oscar then please say so too! and if you just like the catchy song at the beginning along with the cool Paco Rabanne poster ads then say so too!

Hope you all enjoy! and more to come. You stay classy San Dieg-...I mean Newgrounds!

My new fragrance blog!

2013-06-23 07:49:25 by AlxEllis

I have started my own fragrance blog: Fragrances with Lex Ellis

The link to the blog is here >

The blog will cover a wide range of fragrances from old classics such as Aramis, to newer released such as Black XS and also will include a various "How To Wear" guides for fragrances you may have difficulty pulling off such as Drakkar Noir, Dior Fahrenheit, Calvin Klein Obsession etc

At the moment it only has a small amount of posts I just created it, but I will be adding to it over time! So If you do go and check it out I hope you enjoy it! :D

My new fragrance blog!

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982)

2013-06-22 22:42:13 by AlxEllis

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche, released in 1982

Well since I have not made a news post in a LOOONG time and since I have had many people recently asking about this recently I am going to explain the "Rules" of wearing Drakkar. Now you are probably thinking "Rules? It's a fragrance, you spray it on and that's it!" That would be true except Drakkar isn't just any other fragrance, it's a beast that if not worn properly it will wear YOU!

Now let's get started on some basic information. I have heard many people go "Oh it's dated!" "It should have stayed in the 80s!" "Smells like my dad!" First of all there is no such thing as an outdated scent, only ignorant noses people back in the day thought this smelled like SEX in a bottle, it was the 80s version of Paco Rabanne 1 Million if you slapped a "Chanel" or "Dior" logo on this and had a few celebrities wearing it, I promise you it will become the next best thing.

Rule 1: 2 SPRAYS...understood? 2! No more, no less, lower neck and back of neck and your sorted! longevity and sillage are STRONG even in the reformulated versions being sold now.

Rule 2: DRYDOWN...the key is in the word dry...down do NOT apply Drakkar then march out the door expecting the women to lunge at you with lust. It will not happen, Drakkar smells like the high school changing rooms with the scent of sporty deodorant enough to knock you out!...give this beast 30 minutes to calm down then walk out the door.

I sprayed this with the 2 sprays and 30 minute drydown and got two compliments on it, the next day I sprayed 4 sprays on it and didn't let it dry down and one of the same people who complimented me on it disliked it and said "Uck man!, did you run out of Chanel or something, what is that!?" the right amount and the dry down are IMPORTANT!

Rule 3: CONFIDENCE...this is a different fragrance, bear in mind it will not smell the same as most fragrances from the year 2000+ there will be people who will love the smell and there will be people who hate it, look at 1 Million LOADS of people think it smells amazing and LOADS of others hate it and it's a modern fragrance...remember what i said about there's no such thing as a "Dated" fragrance? and it's ignorant noses? Exactly.

One last thing...IMAGE. I will give you an example, I was speaking to two people in a bar and both of them asked what I was wearing, I told one person "It is a new Chanel fragrance for men, the latest, I received a sample the other day so decided to wear it out" and they loved it!. Another person asked me what I was wearing and even said it smelled quite nice and I said "It's Drakkar Noir came out in the 80s and only cost me £15!" her reply "Hmmm on second thought it's not really my kind of thing" Like i said, when you remove the price tag and glamour image the fragrance doesn't change only the person.

Also I would like to add before ending this guide that I LOVE Chanel's mens fragrances and I highly recommend them, if you find you have tamed Drakkar Noir and wish to continue on to another 80s powerhouse classic Chanel Antaeus. But if I was you I would let me try it first and write a GUIDE!

Anyhow, hope you have enjoyed this guide...NOW GO AND FEEL THE POWER!...just kidding...I HATE that ad.

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982)

80s Casuals

2011-01-02 09:43:48 by AlxEllis

80s Casuals

Better dressed than you....

80s Casuals

At last i got a Fila Terrinda!

2010-12-28 18:23:26 by AlxEllis

At last! i now own a Fila Terrinda tracksuit in red

Cost me £150 but it is a very nice tracksuit and the fabric is very good quality

Overall this tracksuit is a 100% must have for any fashion conscious person looking to stand out from the crowd

Fila done an excellent job with this tracksuit only bad thing i can say, is it is dry-clean only but worth the cleaning bill. Trust me

At last i got a Fila Terrinda!

Uncle Sam has a message for you

2010-12-05 15:50:46 by AlxEllis



Uncle Sam has a message for you

Got myself another Sergio Tacchini tracksuit from Casual Classics

This time it is the Dallas tracksuit priced at around £90

I really like this tracksuit and it fits perfect the top has the classic Sergio 2 stripe design on front and back and has 2 stripes at the back of the track pant and the Sergio Tacchini logo on the chest and bottom leg along with the same piping on the front of the leg as the Orion track pant in yellow

Plus the quality of the tracksuit is superb everything about it is 10/10 down to the smallest detail and it is very comfortable and warm

Overall i reccomend it to anyone looking to buy something different and stylish and is a good example of why the Dallas tracksuit is considered one of the company's best products

Also i could only supply a picture of the track top as Newgrounds only allows one picture just google "Dallas Track Pant" and you should find it

Got myself another Sergio Tacchini tracksuit!