My first fragrance video!

2013-06-25 14:30:55 by AlxEllis

I have decided that to accompany the posts on this blog, I have started a youtube video series called "Fragrances With Lex Ellis" this is my first video where I discuss the 70s classic - Paco Rabanne Pour Homme!

Sadly my microphone is built-in to my cheap £15 webcam! so the quality is not perfect however to make up for it I decided to wear a suit, because we all want to look our best on TV!
Please do give me feedback on this video! if it's terrible and you feel like hunting me down and punching me multiple times in the face! say so!. If you thought it was good and detailed and gave you a chuckle and is the greatest thing you have ever seen in your entire life and deserves an Oscar then please say so too! and if you just like the catchy song at the beginning along with the cool Paco Rabanne poster ads then say so too!

Hope you all enjoy! and more to come. You stay classy San Dieg-...I mean Newgrounds!


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