Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982)

2013-06-22 22:42:13 by AlxEllis

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche, released in 1982

Well since I have not made a news post in a LOOONG time and since I have had many people recently asking about this recently I am going to explain the "Rules" of wearing Drakkar. Now you are probably thinking "Rules? It's a fragrance, you spray it on and that's it!" That would be true except Drakkar isn't just any other fragrance, it's a beast that if not worn properly it will wear YOU!

Now let's get started on some basic information. I have heard many people go "Oh it's dated!" "It should have stayed in the 80s!" "Smells like my dad!" First of all there is no such thing as an outdated scent, only ignorant noses people back in the day thought this smelled like SEX in a bottle, it was the 80s version of Paco Rabanne 1 Million if you slapped a "Chanel" or "Dior" logo on this and had a few celebrities wearing it, I promise you it will become the next best thing.

Rule 1: 2 SPRAYS...understood? 2! No more, no less, lower neck and back of neck and your sorted! longevity and sillage are STRONG even in the reformulated versions being sold now.

Rule 2: DRYDOWN...the key is in the word dry...down do NOT apply Drakkar then march out the door expecting the women to lunge at you with lust. It will not happen, Drakkar smells like the high school changing rooms with the scent of sporty deodorant enough to knock you out!...give this beast 30 minutes to calm down then walk out the door.

I sprayed this with the 2 sprays and 30 minute drydown and got two compliments on it, the next day I sprayed 4 sprays on it and didn't let it dry down and one of the same people who complimented me on it disliked it and said "Uck man!, did you run out of Chanel or something, what is that!?" the right amount and the dry down are IMPORTANT!

Rule 3: CONFIDENCE...this is a different fragrance, bear in mind it will not smell the same as most fragrances from the year 2000+ there will be people who will love the smell and there will be people who hate it, look at 1 Million LOADS of people think it smells amazing and LOADS of others hate it and it's a modern fragrance...remember what i said about there's no such thing as a "Dated" fragrance? and it's ignorant noses? Exactly.

One last thing...IMAGE. I will give you an example, I was speaking to two people in a bar and both of them asked what I was wearing, I told one person "It is a new Chanel fragrance for men, the latest, I received a sample the other day so decided to wear it out" and they loved it!. Another person asked me what I was wearing and even said it smelled quite nice and I said "It's Drakkar Noir came out in the 80s and only cost me £15!" her reply "Hmmm on second thought it's not really my kind of thing" Like i said, when you remove the price tag and glamour image the fragrance doesn't change only the person.

Also I would like to add before ending this guide that I LOVE Chanel's mens fragrances and I highly recommend them, if you find you have tamed Drakkar Noir and wish to continue on to another 80s powerhouse classic Chanel Antaeus. But if I was you I would let me try it first and write a GUIDE!

Anyhow, hope you have enjoyed this guide...NOW GO AND FEEL THE POWER!...just kidding...I HATE that ad.

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982)


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