Commodore Sexty Four Chipstep Song
Mighty Morphin' Robot Masters Video Game Song
Give it All You've Got! (8bit) Video Game Song
Undead Approaching Cinematic Song
Hardcore Fantasy Dance Song
Mega Man 1 Boss (80s Synth Cover) Video Game Loop
Gone Wrong Cinematic Song
Paradigital Experimental Song
L.A Nights Dance Song
Sunset In Venice Dance Song
Disco In The Dark Dance Song
Sunset Drive '85 Techno Song
Pumpin' Powerhouse Disco Dance Song
Happy Hardcore Paradise Dance Song
Arcaro Game Corner (8bit) Video Game Song
Lex's Journey Begins (8bit) Video Game Song
Alone In The Lab Cinematic Song
Beast Mode Enabled! (8bit) Video Game Loop
Keygen Addict 8bit) Chipstep Loop
This Place Is Haunted! (8bit) Video Game Loop
Abandoned Vault Experimental Song
Keygen Rave (8bit) Chipstep Loop
A Night At Freddy's Cinematic Song
Thou Has Fought Well! (8bit) Video Game Loop
Chiptune Disco Chipstep Song
Fantasy Fight (8bit) Video Game Loop
Thy Battle Is Won! (8bit) Video Game Loop
FFI - Victory (Stylophone) Video Game Loop
FF1 - Victory Fanfare V2 Video Game Loop
Rumble In The Street (8bit) Video Game Loop
Donkey Kong 3 - BGM 2 Video Game Loop
Our Hero Has Fallen (8bit) Video Game Loop
Victory! (8bit) Video Game Loop
Move It, Snake! (8bit) Video Game Song
Run Snake! (8bit) Video Game Song
Technotris (8bit) Chipstep Song
Give It All You've Got Chipstep Song
Destroyed Inside Cinematic Song
Cabin In The Woods Experimental Song
Abandoned Factory Experimental Song
Enter Heisenberg Cinematic Song
Killer On My Tail Cinematic Song
Night Stalker Cinematic Song
Eternal Life Cinematic Song
Killer In The House Cinematic Song
Deep Blue Miami Ambient Song
Miami Streets New Wave Song
Falling Rain Experimental Song
Lonely Player Ambient Song
Sunset Groove New Wave Song
Chillin' In The 80s New Wave Song
Menu Screen (8bit) Video Game Song
It's The Boss! Video Game Loop
Chiptune Nightclub Chipstep Song
March Of The Masters (8bit) Chipstep Song
The Final Battle! (8bit) Video Game Loop
BTL In The Tall Grass! 2 Video Game Loop
The Journey Begins (16bit) Video Game Loop
Tunnel Time (8bit) Video Game Loop
Pressing Onward (8bit) Video Game Loop
The Journey Begins (8bit) Video Game Loop
Seaside Village (8bit) Video Game Loop
Battle In The Tall Grass Video Game Loop
Tetris Master Video Game Loop
A Battle In The Wild! (8bit) Video Game Loop
Road To Greatness (8bit) Trance Loop
Intruder Alert! (8bit) Video Game Loop
Tetris Battle! Video Game Loop
Too Many Tetronimos! Video Game Loop
Tetronimo Paradise Video Game Loop
The Tetronimo Dance Video Game Loop
Tetris Rave Dance Song
From Russia With Fun (8bit) Video Game Loop
Tetris (8bit) Video Game Loop
Enemy On Your Tail Video Game Loop
Encounter Cinematic Loop
Encounter (8bit) Video Game Loop
A Whole New World World Loop
A Whole New World (8Bit) Video Game Loop
Happy Hardcore Dance Song
Stand Your Ground And Fight! Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - Keygen Chipstep Song
Am I Alone? Cinematic Song
Dancin' Till I Drop Dance Song
It's Battle Time! Video Game Loop
Lex Ellis - Limbo Experimental Song
Thou Art Victorious Video Game Loop
On The Run (8bit) Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - Alert! 2 Cinematic Loop
Lex Ellis - Alert! Video Game Loop
Stakeout Cinematic Loop
It's Time To Leave Cinematic Loop
Fighting In The Street (8bit) Video Game Song
Fighting In The Street Dance Song
Blood In The Sunset (8bit) Video Game Song
Blood In The Sunset House Song
Someone's In The House Cinematic Song
You're On Your Own Cinematic Song
Dream Ambient Song
What's Going On Here Cinematic Song
Aftermath Cinematic Song
Fight With All You Got 2 Video Game Song
FFI - Victory Fanfare (8bit) Video Game Loop
Fight With All You've Got Video Game Song

2013 Submissions

Thy Quest Is Over (8 Bit) Video Game Song
Fight To Save The World Video Game Loop
Alone In The Fog Experimental Song
Running Into The Darkness Cinematic Song
Is Someone There? Cinematic Song
Lex Ellis - Midnight Rave Dance Song
Lex Ellis - Lonely Raver Dance Song
Rave Paradise (Extended Mix) Dance Song
Lex Ellis - Rave Paradise Dance Song
Lex Ellis - Hyper Rave Dance Song
Lex Ellis - Descent Experimental Song
Ross Arcaro (Heavy Damage) Video Game Song
Lex Arcaro (Heavy Damage) Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - She's My Lovergirl Dance Song
Lex Ellis - Tron Disco Dance Song
Documentary Music Track Miscellaneous Song
We're Safe...For Now Miscellaneous Loop
Where Am I Experimental Song
Ross Arcaro's Theme Video Game Song
Lex Arcaro's Theme Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - Subconscious Experimental Song
Lex Ellis - Infiltration Cinematic Song
It's Time To Party Dance Song
What Happened Here Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - Miami Beach Party Dance Song
New Dimension Ext Saw Mix Dance Song
Lex Ellis - New Dimension Dance Song
Street Fight - Boss (8 Bit) Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - Street Fight Video Game Song
Street Fight (8 Bit) Video Game Song
Lex Ellis - 8 Bit Beat Video Game Loop
Door 23 - A Safe Place Video Game Song
Something's Wrong Video Game Song
Time To Race (8 Bit) Techno Song
Lex Ellis - Time To Race Techno Song
Lex Ellis - Olympics World Song
Lex Ellis - Sunset Ambient Song
Door 23 OST - Safe Ambient Song
Door 23 OST - A New Life Ambient Song
Ghost In The Synth Miscellaneous Song
Lex Ellis - Abnormal Miscellaneous Song
Unknown Threat Miscellaneous Song
Gangs of 1984: All Alone Miscellaneous Song

2011 Submissions

Lex Ellis - Desolate Miscellaneous Song
Lex Ellis - Red Moon Miscellaneous Song
80s Style Theme Tune Ambient Song
(Door 23) Run Run Run V2 Drama Loop
(Door 23) Corridors Drama Loop
(Door 23) Run Run Run Drama Loop
Door 17 Drama Loop
Inside Door 23 Drama Loop