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My first game video!

6/28/13 by AlxEllis
Updated 6/28/13

Along with my "Fragrances with Lex Ellis" series I have started a new series called "Games with Lex Ellis"

This is my first video where I discuss the 1996 classic Resident Evil!

This series will be all about games mostly classics from the 90s such as Time Crisis, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and many more! I will also be talking about how these games affected me, how I thought about them when I first played them and how I think of them playing them now.

All in all I hope you all enjoy the videos I'll be adding! and if you want more don't forget to subscribe!. Cya!


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REsident Evil love mi boi!

6/28/13 AlxEllis responds:

Indeed, keep tuned though as I will be doing alot more! Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, Clock Tower SNES and PS1 versions! Glad you enjoyed the video my apologies for it not embedding :(